Teenagers and Disney

When traveling through the park with your teens, you may choose to split up for the afternoon. Check out these tips to make that transition a pleasant one.

1. Set a time and place to meet up later in the day.

2. Text each other with updates throughout the day.

3. Money for food. Teens get hungry, very hungry! You may choose to send them with their room key which acts as their dining plan meal ticket, or room charge. But if you are not using the dining plan and don’t care for adding charging privileges to their room key, send ’em with a Disney gift card, which can be purchased at many gift shops throughout Disney World. If you are in Magic Kingdom, check out the new Print-On-Demand customizable gift cards at the Town Square Theater (very close to the entrance). Make it a fun event by involving your teen in the process.  Have them create the card, add a little bit of money to it and send ’em on their way.


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