Pinching Pennies: Road Trip to Disney?

If you want to take a Disney trip and are looking at cutting costs, you might consider driving instead of flying. Depending on your specifics, you can have a big savings.  If you drive, you need to consider that it takes more time than flying. However, driving is usually a cheaper alternative.  One more bonus, Florida has fantastic roads to welcome the tourists that keep their economy alive!

If you drive your car to Disney World, you’ll be able to pit stop at the local Walmart or Target to grab snacks and such for your hotel room. Those stores also have a surprisingly large retail area devoted to Disney paraphernalia, making it easy to pick up some of the fun surprises I talked about in this post about Packing Tips: Surprises.

My family loves going to Disney. We do love to fly, but if the airfare is what would keep us from going on a great vacation, we pile into the ol’ car and road trip it on down to central Florida. Bonus: a little more family face time!


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