Pinching Pennies: Breakfast in Bed(room)

So many folks are looking for ways to enjoy the magic of Disney on a shoe string budget. Good news, friends, you can!

One of the ways my family pinches our pennies at Disney is to have breakfast in our room before heading out to the parks.  We pack single servings of favorite breakfast cereals and a load of plastic spoons into our car or carry-on luggage. Disney’s resorts have fantastic dining areas that sell single serving cartons of milk, juice, and fresh fruit to round out the meal. Of course, purchasing breakfast in the food court of the resort is delicious, and not so costly. But if we’re talking about really pinching those pennies in order to enjoy a Disney trip, we opt for a not-so-fancy breakfast. And there is something nice about eating my breakfast in bed! I’m on vacation … why not?



2 thoughts on “Pinching Pennies: Breakfast in Bed(room)

  1. I am diabetic and when we go I request a refridgerator in our room so I can have things like milk and cereal and yogurt. We bring bread and othere things to so when we take a break we can eat lunch or dinner in our room you can request a microwave also. we bring our own water and some times sandwiches into the park also and other snacks.

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