Planning: 3 Days at Disney

Walt Disney World has so many opportunities for fun and entertainment that deciding how to spend your short vacation can be overwhelming. Make the most of your time without sacrificing that much needed relaxation.

  • If possible, allow yourself two more days for travel: one for arrival and one for departure.
  • Enjoy your hotel and Downtown Disney on those travel days.
  • Choose 3 of the 4 Disney Parks to visit.
  • Forego the Park Hopper ticket option. Spend your time strolling through one park a day.
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to park opening for a memorable opening ceremony. Stay ’til the park closes.
  • Catch at least one of the fireworks displays. The Magic Kingdom’s “Wishes” show is classic.

Your basic itinerary might look like this:
Day 1 – Arrive, explore hotel, swim, visit Downtown Disney
Day 2 – Magic Kingdom
Day 3 – Epcot
Day 4 – Hollywood Studios, Pack suitcase
Day 5 – Swim, Downtown Disney, Depart


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