Trip Planning: Choosing Your Travel Dates

A Disney Trip is always fun! Some families have the option to travel when ever they’d like to and others can only go when school is out. You may be able to score a better deal if you have flexible travel dates. Plan for Disney was able to help the Tolo family save a bunch of money by adjusting their trip by a few weeks to take advantage of lower rates. There are some really great times to visit that typically feature smaller crowds and lower prices.

The most popular times to visit Walt Disney World, holidays and school breaks, typically mean larger crowds and higher prices. The dates that cost less are usually before and after school breaks when families would otherwise not be traveling. For example, August and September when school is back in session, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. To give you a more specific idea of actual hotel cost, check out the table of seasonal rates for one of our favorite value resorts.

2012 Seasonal Rates for POP Century Hotel




New Year’s Jan 1 $164
Value 1 Season Jan 8-12 $89
Marathon Weekend Jan 5-7 $109
Value 1 Season Jan 8-12 $89
MLK Weekend Jan 13-15 $114
Value 1 Season Jan 16- Feb 15
    Sun – Thurs $89
    Fri – Sat $99
Peak Season Feb 16 $139
President’s Day Feb 17-19 $164
Peak Season Feb 20-25
    Sun – Thurs $139
    Fri – Sat $164
Regular Season Feb 26-Mar 8
    Sun – Thurs $114
    Fri – Sat $134
Peak Season Mar 9-31
    Sun – Thurs $139
    Fri – Sat $164
Easter April 1-14 $169
Regular Season April 15-May 31
    Sun – Thurs $114
    Fri – Sat $134
Summer Season June 1- Aug 4
    Sun – Thurs $134
    Fri – Sat $159
Value 2 Season Aug 5 – Sept 27
    Sun – Thurs $92
    Fri – Sat $107
Fall Season Sept 28 – Oct 4
    Sun – Thurs $100
    Fri – Sat $115
Thanksgiving Nov 17- 23 $134
Fall Season Nov 24 – Dec 20
    Sun – Thurs $100
    Fri – Sat $115
Holiday Season Dec 21- Dec 31 $174
Source: Walt Disney World Resort POP Century Rate Flyer

Plan for Disney can help you find the best rate. Send us your preferred travel dates and we can help you find the best deal. Email me now to start planning for Disney!

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