5 Summertime Tips at Disney

Summertime is here and many families are anticipating a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. PlanForDisney has a few tips to help out:

1.  Stay hydrated! FL is H-O-T but thankfully ice water is free. Stop by any permanent drink stand and request a cup of ice water.

2. Sunblock, Sunglasses, Swimsuits.  If you forget ’em, Disney sells ’em in the gift shops of all resorts.

Summertime is usually rainy in central Florida. The good news: Rain showers pass and the sun reappears.

3. Ponchos. If you pack a poncho in your park bag, you’ll be prepared to continue touring in the comfort of your dry clothes. Forget one? Disney sells them for around $7-$10.

4. Have a stroller? Pack the stroller cover, too.  Keep it in the cargo pouch and if it rains, your little one’s chariot will stay dry.

5. Pack one extra pair of shoes per person. If you get stuck in a rain shower you’ll have a dry pair waiting for you at your resort.


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