Keepsakes: Mickey Ears

Mickey Ears are classic, iconic, and fabulously fun. Men, women, and children of all ages wear them proudly throughout the Disney parks. You can purchase yours in the parks, at the hotels, or at Downtown Disney. But if you are looking for a way to surprise your family, order your Mickey Ears online. Disney will even personalize ’em for you and ship ’em to your door. What a fun way to reveal your trip to the House of the Mouse!


Keepsakes: Pictures in the Parks

Disney has made it very easy to capture your magical memories by placing photographers all throughout the parks at scenic areas and at each character spot. They will take your pictures for FREE and add them to a credit-card-sized PhotoPass for you to carry through the parks on your vacation. Any PhotoPass Photographer can add snapshots to your card just by a quick scan of the barcode. You can view and order prints online. These professionals are easily identifiable by their uniform vest and ready cameras.  From my experience, these are great pictures but can be quite pricey. If you are interested in capturing memories while pinching pennies, gather your crew and they will happily take pictures with your personal camera, too! So remember to pack your camera, the best way to make free Disney keepsakes!

Resorts: Refillable Drink Mug

If you stay at a Walt Disney World hotel, you can purchase a refillable drink mug to use at your hotel for the length of your stay. This mug entitles you to unlimited fountain drinks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. If you are the thirsty kind, you might consider taking advantage of it. It costs approximately $15 and is available for purchase at your resort’s quick service food area. A few tips:

  • Be sure your room is close enough to the refill station to make it worth it. (You can request a room close to the main building at check-in)
  • Consider the amount of time you will spend at your resort, as mug refills are only available at your resort, not in the parks.
  • If you love souvenirs, this mug may do double duty as a Disney Trip keepsake.



Packing Tips: Surprise!

 Add these fun items to your suitcase to use on your vacation! You can certainly purchase these at the Disney Parks, but if you bring your own, you’ll save a buck or 50!

  1. Mickey Mouse T-shirt –  A trip to Walt Disney World is extraordinarily fun especially when guests choose to be a part of the magic by dressing in a character-inspired wardrobe. Hop on into your local Disney store, or even your local Wal-Mart. Both places carry an array of Disney paraphernalia.
  2. Disney Toy– What fun it would be to surprise your wee ones with a Disney gift even before heading into the parks! We always love to pick up a trinket or two at Wal-Mart, Target, or the Disney Store and secretly stash it in the suitcase. Before our first day in the parks, the gift makes a grand appearance … and magically curbs the requests for more at the gift shops!
  3. Disney Princess Dress – The Bippity Boppity Boutique is an extraordinary place for little girls to be pampered into a Princess. You can pay for the experience, including the dress, hair, and makeup, or you can create your own Boutique in your room. Bring the dress and tiara from home. Create a special space by your hotel vanity and spend a little time spoiling your princess before heading out to dine at Cinderella’s Castle.
  4. Glow-stick necklace – When the sun goes down the light-up toys come out! Surprise your family with the glow stick necklaces you grabbed at the dollar store.
  5. Disney PJs– Everyone’s a kid at WDW, so why not dress like one? Pick up Disney themed PJs for the whole family. Before leaving for a day at the parks, be sure to be the last one out of the room so you can secretly lay ’em out to be discovered when you return to your room for the night.

Keepsake: Disney World Customized Map

I can’t wait to try Disney’s Customized Map for our next family vacation! The Disney website says “You can create special keepsake Maps of all 4 Parks that highlight your favorite attractions and entertainment.” Best of all, they’ll print it and deliver it right to your mailbox in a super fancy envelope including a sheet of gold stickers to mark your map when you visit each attraction! Did I mention its FREE? My kids are gonna flip when they see it.

It would be really cool to unveil a surprise Disney trip by gifting the kids a custom Disney park map with the family name on it.  It would also be quite fantastic to use this map to commemorate a special family vacation, highlighting favorite attractions at all 4 parks.

Thanks, Disney, for thinking of everything!